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Ireland Dublin Mosque

Ireland Dublin Mosque

Ireland Dublin Mosque, the mosque is one that reflects the local culture, because the semulanya not designed for building mosques. Tetepi designed and built to house a home, then switch the function of mosques as a place of worship.

This mosque, opened in 1983, by a group of Muslim students who arrived in Dublin in the early 1950s in order to study in this area. They are the Society's first Islamic society in 1959 in Dublin, and a decade later people began to raise funds to purchase a building that would be the mosques.

They first bought a house in Harrington Street, and then increased the number of Muslim immigrants as well so they had to search for new buildings.

In 1983 they purchased a building, the building now was once a house on South Circular Road, Dublin 8, which later became a mosque and also functioned as the center "The Islamic Foundation" in Ireland. Now the number of Muslims in Ireland amounted to approximately 1300 people.