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Assyafaah Mosque, Singapore

Assyafaah Mosque, Singapore is a mosque that was built with modern architectural design (The Modern Mosque), the mosque was once a base or office Singapore Islamic Religious Council of Singapore Majlis Ulema Islam (MUIS) is designed by the "Forum Architects of Singapore", at all these mosques without a dome or dome.

The mosque is located in the northern island of Singapore in an environment full of tall buildings, architect Tan Kok Hiang with this mosque design concerns with the concept of "harmony and tolerance" in the diversity of the social life of various tribes, thus physical diaktualisasikanlah mosque architecture impartially to civilization one tribe or ethnic manapun.dan on paradaban even any religion. But this building sudahbarang course must have a feature or a sign that the building actually was a mosque.

Assyafaah mosque opened in 2004 and this year the fifth mosque built in phase III, the program "The Mosque Building Fund" North Singapore Muslim community. Mosque built using steel frame construction coated with anti-rust and cover "colorless polyurethane". The mosque is also in place of two old mosques closed in the Sembawang area that can accommodate as many as 4000 people audience.