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"Mahligai Minang" Masjid Raya Minangkabau

Mahligai Minang

West Sumatra Province, Indonesia wanted to make a mark in addition to land in West Sumatra in the Clock Tower Bukittinggi, then in a couple of years there will be a new land mark called "Mahligai Minang". This is the work of the architectural contest winners followed by 323 architects from several countries.

Minang Mahligai not merely a mosque, but an identity that will be centers of civilization, where one of the main building is the mosque building. That's where the blend of Islam and Minangkabau, by completing the building or room, among others; bangungunan room or educational institutions such as libraries, recreation vegas family, multi-purpose room that accommodates 3,000 people who could be used for seminars, performing arts, and so on.

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