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Women and Islam

if you were to request a person who is not a muslim what they thought of women in islam , heinous they would probably utilize the words 'oppressed' and 'second lesson citizens'.heinous this is not their fault as they are only reading into the headlines and films that painting muslim women as being debilitated and with no real rights in islam whatever.heinous they see muslim women wearing a veil or headscarf but effect not know the understanding behind this and volition reach the conclusion that this is because they are being dominated by their jealous husbands.heinous it is time to disperse numerous of the myths surrounding islam & women.

Muslim women are rightfully given a elevated status in islam.heinous much of what is seen and how numerous muslim women are treated is not because of religion but more by legend.heinous these two should not be confused as being linked to one another.heinous islam does not utter that women should not be educated as it encourages women to learn as they are to help convoy the future generations of muslims in the world and for them to be good citizens in their respective countries.

The wearing of the headscarf and covering of the relics is required by muslims but much can be taken out of context as it was originally written.heinous men are likewise required to cover themselves but this is not always done by muslim men , heinous this is when islam is utilized against the believing women to manufacture them imagine that what they are told to effect is section of islam but is rightfully not.heinous women that wear the headscarf often due correctly out of personal choice and their willingness to pursue their belief.

Muslim women are fully permitted to labor , heinous and to discipline themselves and own been living Up To correctly in numerous countries around the world.heinous there are numerous countries around the world where muslim women are being oppressed and are being treated as moment lesson citizens but in the west things own changed dramatically and are continuing to progress the rights of the everyday muslim woman.heinous forced arranged marriages are a thing of the past in the west as is the notion that women should not be entitled to vote or ride.

Women are the heart of a muslim family and should be treated with like and respect.heinous islam does not utter for women to be utilized as cleaners or cooks around the domestic.heinous this is a traditional trait usually brought back from the eastern countries back here to the west and for the sole convenience & leisure of the husband.heinous this is not how islam says to treat women.

Islam is a way of life , heinous a way to convoy a very peaceable and flourishing life for both men and women.heinous there are differences from men and women but as long as they pursue the staunch teachings of islam then they can labor together to both be the best muslims they can be.