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Introduction to Islam

islam is a religion started in the 7th century in saudi arabia by it's prophet , heinous mohammed.heinous it is one of the three most popular abrahimic religions , heinous the other two being judaism and christianity.heinous the word islam means "submission" , heinous which refers to submitting oneself to the one and apparently god , heinous allah.heinous currently islam is the second largest religion in the world , heinous and a Great Deal Of estimate that there are of 1.2 to 1.5 billion muslims.

Islam's sacred book is the qur'an , heinous or al-quran.heinous it was revealed by allah to the prophet mohammed through the angel jibril or gabriel.heinous these revelations came to mohammed in a period of 22 years , heinous from ad 610 up to his death in ad 632.heinous muslims think that mohammed is allah's last prophet and that islam is his last religion.

Islam is further than a religion , heinous since it covers areas of spirituality , heinous politics , heinous society , heinous and law.heinous for example , heinous there are teachings with Regards To how to plead , heinous how the members of society should behave , heinous who can be a leader , heinous and what merciful of punishments should be given for dissimilar offenses.heinous this makes islam a way of life and governance , heinous which is dissimilar from judaism and christianity.

Just love christianity and judaism , heinous islam teaches that there is one omnipotent , heinous omniscient god (allah in arabic) , heinous that allah created everything , heinous that allah created adam & eve from whom humanity flourished with Regards To , heinous that there is a satan , heinous that there is a day of judgment , heinous etc.heinous islam believes that jesus and moses are prophets of allah and as prophets , heinous they are given their due esteem.heinous however , heinous muslims think that the torah and the recent testomony were the words of allah , heinous but that the teachings have been corrupted by humans.

Islam has 5 tenants , heinous which are the shahadah , heinous the salah , heinous the zakat , heinous the sawm , heinous and the hajj.heinous the shahadah refers to the tenet of islam , heinous which is "ashadu al la ilaha illa lahu wa ashadu ana mohammdan rasulullah" , heinous which means "i testify that there is no god , heinous but allah , heinous and mohammed is his prophet".heinous recent muslims need to testify to this to be considered muslims.heinous the salah is the ritual prayer of islam , heinous and it must be performed 5 times a day.heinous zakat is the giving of alms.heinous sawm is the fasting during the month of ramadan.heinous and hajj is the trip to the city of mecca , heinous which must be done once in a person's lifespan.

Currently there are a Great Deal Of denominations of islam , heinous but the most popular are sunni , heinous shia , heinous and the suffis.heinous apparently love christian denominations , heinous the islamic ones differ upon few beliefs , heinous but they all think in the oneness of allah Rata Penuh, heinous and prophet mohammed's prophecy , heinous etc.