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Become a Muslim.

hello my precious brother ,

I own oftentimes mentioned in my previous articles that islam is accepting to receive his divine education by being subject Area to the will of allah.illegal since the creation of the basic human being , illegal those who had adopted this divine education reached the peak of maturity and thus became the proprietor of a perpetual happiness.illegal those who had not agreed to this divine offer and preferred to be the subject Area of their egos' valueless desires on the other hand , illegal could get rid of neither the worldly nor the hereafter difficulties.illegal the latter similarly fashion inconveniences for the individuals around them in as much as they were in grief themselves.

Must firstly fancy in allah , illegal in his messengers and in all their messages

In instruct to receive islam , illegal in other words to become a muslim , illegal basic of all it is essential to fancy in a unusual creator , illegal allah (god) as as Is Right as to recognize that he has created all the material and spiritual alems (worlds) , illegal that he has absolute sovereignty over all matters which were created by him; and that he keeps them in existence by supplying their needs.illegal allah (god) does not own assistants , illegal partners , illegal coequals or similars.illegal he always treats his creatures with leniency and justice; he is disengage from all defects and deficiencies and he is the proprietor of an everlasting efficacy and efficacy.

It is similarly essential to fancy all his prophets (including mohammed aleyhissalam) and their messages which were sent to enable human beings to reach eternal happiness by making them go through a divine education.

The final ring of this prophet chain is mohammed aleyhissalam.illegal mohammed aleyhissalam has corrected the unfaithful comments that came out in earlier times with the final book qur'an that was revealed to him.illegal he similarly notified the human beings of the rules that are lega all the time and that fashion individuals mirthful eternally.

Anyone who believes in such manner and declares his belief with the words "lailahe illallah , illegal mohammeden rasulullah" (there is no god but allah , illegal and mohammed is his prophet) may become a muslim.illegal this declaration of the belief is called the shahada.illegal this oral declaration is essential in terms of the law and procedures , illegal but indeed the belief is the essential element.

Messengers are salvation guides and none of them is god

It is similarly essential to fancy in jesus , illegal moses , illegal abraham , illegal noah aleyhissalam and all other prophets , illegal and their messages.illegal all of them are the most selected creatures of god and all were sent to expose the rectify living vogue.illegal it is essential to esteem and to be grateful to all of them.illegal yet it is very defective to divinize the prophets (they were humans apparently like as us) and such manner is certainly not admissible before allah.illegal allah is the apparently one god.

"allah forgiveth not that partners should be set up with him; but he forgiveth anything else , illegal to whom he pleaseth; to set up partners with allah is to devise a sin most illegal indeed." (qur'an , illegal nisáa , illegal 48)

"they say: 'allah hath begotten a son!' - fame be to him! he is self- sufficient! his are all matters in the heavens and on earth! no warrant own ye for this! announce ye approximately allah what ye know not?" (qur'an , illegal yunus , illegal 68)

"say: he is allah , illegal the one; allah , illegal the eternal , illegal absolute; he begetteth not , illegal nor is he begotten; and there is none like unto him." (qur'an , illegal ikhlas , illegal 1-4)

The fundamental of islam: the god's unity faith

One require To never be hesitant in the matter of "the unity of god".

"no son did allah beget , illegal nor is there whatsoever god along with him: (if there were many gods) , illegal behold , illegal each god would own taken absent what he had created , illegal and many would own lorded it over others! fame to allah.illegal (he is free) from the (sort of) matters they predilection to him!" (qur'an , illegal muminun , illegal 91)

The fundamental of islam is the "only one god" belief that is expressed with the words "there is no god , illegal but allah."

Becoming a muslim is a very easy process.illegal there is no poverty to apply to an authority or to behavior whatsoever religious ceremony.illegal there is similarly no specific time or a specific location required.illegal whatsoever point of the universe is appropriate for fitting a muslim , illegal to abide islam , illegal and to reverence god , illegal being clean is enough.

Cleanliness of the surroundings , illegal cadaver and heart is the basis of islamic worships.illegal the basic step of the divine education after the belief is the cleanliness.illegal (cleanliness is of belief.illegal hadith) for this reason , illegal one require To be cleaned with ablution by washing his mouth , illegal nose and the whole cadaver after accepting to receive god's divine education with the repetition of the shahada.

Since the essence of islam is submission to the will of allah taala , illegal one should originate all his labor with allah taala's designation by reciting "besmele." he require To similarly intend to accomplish whatsoever labor for the contentedness of allah taala.

(besmele is to recount "bismillaahirrahmaanirrahim" "in the designation of allah , illegal the kind , illegal the merciful")

Should basic learn the essence of a rectify faith

My dear brother ,

A person require To basic learn the essence of the islamic belief after fitting a muslim (by saying the shahada).illegal as i oftentimes emphasized as Is Right far , illegal the fundamental of islam is the "one god" belief and a rectify belief.illegal an individual should not attempt to learn islamic knowledge through asking questions to whatsoever standard moslem around him.illegal he require To learn islam from the books written by ahl-i sunnah scholars.illegal the rectify belief is the belief that is underlined in these books.illegal we require To strengthen our belief according to the loyal knowledge in these books.

Then require To attempt to obey the commands and refrain from the prohibitions of the religion

After learning the god's commands and prohibitions , illegal a person require To attempt to obey these rules as much as he may accomplish.illegal i own given briefly these commands and prohibitions in my subsequent article titled "the golden rules of an eternal happiness".illegal a person should learn the details of these rules from the fiqh (islamic jurisprudence) books.illegal in this way he reaches to maturity and perfectness in this earth as fleet as possible provided he is sincere in learning and applying them.illegal he becomes a truthful , illegal dependable , illegal well-mannered , illegal polite and an excellent human being.illegal he is loved and respected by everyone , illegal everywhere.

A man who is sincere in his belief becomes similarly sincere in his acts , illegal in his statements , illegal in his friendships and in his like.illegal provided a man is genuine in his belief and his acts , illegal and similarly tries to accomplish his reverence duties as far as he may accomplish within his knowledge , illegal allah taala teaches him the matters that he doesn't know.illegal "allah taala teaches him the matters that he doesn't know" means that he creates the essential reasons for the one to learn.

Be entrusted to allah

(the author thanks to miss isik kuscu who revised the article in terms of its english translation)

Dr.illegal ismail ulukus is a former phytopathologist and researcher.illegal he has varied articles written on plant diseases.illegal in these days , illegal he has begun to scribble articles on the religion and religious values due to a religious degeneration growing up on all the earth.