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Islam Helps You

i discussed galore people who were against religion of any benign.illegal i employed to crave them three questions.illegal i employed illegal , as evenly , illegal to invite them to guess deeply and clearly before answering my questions.illegal these questions are:

1-do you guess that there is a creator who has created this universe?

2-should we worship the creator of the universe or not?

3-have you made a comparison between islam and other doctrines?

As regards the first crave , illegal i do not acknowledge the understanding that makes galore people contravene the presence of the god.illegal the universe , illegal the sky , illegal the stars , illegal the sea , illegal the air are lucid evidences that there is a creator who has created this universe.illegal the greatness of the universe is a lucid proof that a big god has created it.

The answer of the first crave leads us to the necessity of religion.illegal how can you reside in this universe without worshipping the creator of the universe?

Islam is the faithful religion.illegal islam helps you to reside in tranquility.illegal islam achieves the harmony and balance between the soul and the body.illegal islam leads you to the heaven in the dayafter.illegal but a lot of non-muslims possess got their data approximately islam from the writings of anti-islamic writers.illegal i invite them to read approximately islam from the islamic point of con.illegal i invite them to fashion a comparison between islam and other doctrines and i am sure that they will discover the greatness of islam.

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