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Muslim Husband - Should Be a Man of Islamic Principles

quran the sacred religious book of the muslims has clearly laid down the principles and the qualities of an ideal muslim husband. quran is the palpable office to see for the criteria of the conduct of an ideal husband. islam as in the west does not tolerate the practice of having girl friends and premarital sex. it has clearly laid down that men who are competent of supporting their wife should marry right as to defend their chastity. men those who regard themselves as unfit for marriage are required to practice fasting. it is the muslim family that plays a major role in choosing the correct coadjutor for both men and women. the preacher of the religion guides the muslim husband to opt for a religious muslim woman right as to have a cheerful and a binding religious islamic marriage. it is thus the ideal muslim men who opt for a accountable attitude of the women to build a strong and everlasting marriage and islamic relationship.

The original and foremost duty of a muslim husband is to provide feed clothing and defend to his wife and to his off springs as a result of the marriage. it is thus understood that women have no monetary duty towards supporting the family and it is the leading duty of the men to provide monetary security to the family. the muslim husband is similarly required to grant his wife formation and not do anything that would harm his wife. the muslim religious law permit's a wife to divorce her husband in case provided she proves that her husband is harming her by beating her unlawfully or provided he is addicted to alcohol. the islamic religion requires a muslim man to provide monetary aid to his wife plane after divorce and does not tolerate to interpose in the way she would pick her life after divorce.

Further the islamic law or the islamic shariah similarly requires the muslim husband to instill his wife provided she is not aware of the muslim customs. he is not required to repress her but defend and aid her. an ideal husband is required to consult his wife on primary family matters and pursue it provided he finds it to be reasonable and good. the sacred book has authorized the islamic husband to whack his wife lightly in case provided she does not pursue the islamic norms and provided she fails to obey her husband in spite of her being enlightened by him.

Finally an ideal islamic husband is one who treats his wife with dignity. a husband is required to treat his wife in the best possible way with a smiling face and with lots of tolerance and an easy going nature. an ideal muslim man would form his wife to adopt islamic principles , would esteem her and her family would aid her and volition stand by her at the time of a crisis. the most primary duty of an islamic personal is to keep a balance between his wife and his mother. it is with the good attitude and tame nature that a muslim husband would procure over his wife right as to form a productive islamic family.