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Who The Best calligrapher ?

Islamic calligraphy painting

Maybe you're like me, never ask this: Who is the best calligrapher in existence? Was Muhammad Hashim al-Baghdadi? Or Hamid al-Amidi? Or ...?

In the world of calligraphy, two names I mentioned above is a name that no doubt his genius in this art field.

Comparing the calligrapher, maybe not a fair one. But as a student of calligraphy that had just struggled in this field, we often can not wait to mengapai stages higher than we knew before. Sometimes in the studio or a place to learn calligraphy, we often compare what the best teachers in the calligraphy teachers.

I've had a few teachers of calligraphy. There Farhan Ustad, Ustad Hanafi, and Ustad Sunarto. Each other has a unique character. Ustad Farhan, although a bit "stiff" in writing, he is one of my best teachers. Ustad Hanafi which makes me in awe, to teach calligraphy only briefly. While the latter, though have never taught in the lesson kaligarfi, his writings when teaching dictation ', (dekte) is stunning.

"Learning from the best calligrapher, certainly a better result." I, frankly, including a notion like this. The impact, I am reluctant to learn on-calligrapher calligrapher who do not have a "reputation" is clear-that generally is from the country has published many books on calligraphy.

As the field of science that looks (scratch the letter and technical writing) of all calligrapher can we compare. Writing techniques from books, generally taught how to carve the letter. Starting from the letter simplex (an independent) to the letter, located in the middle and rear. [Generally calligraphy handbook adopted this way.]

Simplex in the letter alif naskhi example, although the science of calligraphy was measured by high five points, with a slope to the left as wide as half a point, in fact in practice, the calligrapher is not the same one to another. Proportions generally too large to be the dominating nature of domestic calligrapher. [Or maybe an example that we learned from the book is always a small letter?]

As an art, certainly the quality of one another can be different. Scratch each other "not perfect". In fact, from our own hands have learned mengores dozens of times, out of different strokes. [Of course understood, we are not a calligrapher?]

Back to the title above: Who is the best calligrapher?

I have trouble answering.

But I have experience: the best is kaligarfer calligrapher who makes you wonder, no matter whether his work is really the number one in the world.

From the awe that comes a sense of want to learn more. That's where the future of teacher you admire it sajajar with you. Continue to learn and practice regularly. That way your hands will find their own way ...

How do you think?