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VaLenTiNe Day and IsLaM

Rata Penuh
"Jews and Christians would not like to you until you follow their religion. Say: 'The guidance of Allah That guidance (right) ". and indeed if thou follow their desires after the knowledge came to you, then God is no longer the protector and helper for you ". (Surat al-Baqarah [2]: 120)".

Islam is a complete religion, which is not merely a religion. More than that, Islam is a value system and life systems. For some people, Islam is a liberator, Islam is the savior. However, for most people who have secure and established a system that has dianutnya, Islam is a threat. It's not unusual when so much antipathy toward Islam. Since Islam was born was already so. Various methods are used to devastated. Through openly or secretly.
The most effective efforts and do not need to spend a lot of energy to destroy one of Islam is to obscure the teachings of Islam. Samuel Zwemer in al Quds conference for priests in 1935 saying: "Actually, your task is not out Muslims from their religion to your religion. However, keep them away from his religion (the Qur'an and Sunnah) ". One of those moments that are often used to distance Muslims from their religion is a valentine's day.

One morning Desy surprising his friends with a red flower that he put on his chest, they were immediately greeted with a smile and asked, "In the context of what this is?" Desy said, "Do not you know that this is a day of love in which people were celebrating and congratulating each other. This is a celebration to express my love, romance and all sincerity, this is Valentine's Day ...". But Sari, one of his friends asked Desy in amazement, "What is the meaning of Valentine's Day?" Desy said, "It means love in Latin ..!" Sari laughed at the answer, "Are you celebrating something you do not understand its meaning? Did you know that Valentine was a priest who lived in Christianity to 3rd century AD?" Sari said pitched concerned about the state of some Muslim women are easy to follow what comes to them without thinking.


Sari went on: "The Catholic Encyclopedia mentions three versions of the Valentine, but the popular version is the story of Reverend St.Valentine who lived in the late 3rd century AD at the time of the Roman King Claudius II. On February 14, 270 AD Claudius II St.Valentine execute the have opposed some of his orders. " "Claudius II saw St.Valentine religion invites man to Christianity and he was ordered to arrest him. In the second version, Claudius II, the boys looked more resilient in the war than those who have been married since the beginning refused to go to war. So he issued an order prohibiting the marriage. But this command St.Valentine opposed and continue to hold church wedding in secret until the last note was imprisoned. In prison he became acquainted with the daughter of a prison guard who became ill. She treated him so well and fell in love with him. Before sentenced to death , he sent a card that read "From a sincere love, Valentine's Day." This happened after the child is converted to Christianity along with 46 relatives. "

Continue Sari: "A third version mentions the religion Christianity spread in Europe, in one village there is a Roman tradition that attracted the attention of pastors. In the tradition of the village youth were always together every mid-February. They write the names of villages and laid her in a box, and every young man take one name from the box, and the girl whose name would become his lover out of the year. He also sent a card saying "the name of god mother, I am sending you this card."

Sari continued: "Due to the difficulty of eliminating this Roman tradition, the priests decided to replace the phrase" with the name of god mother "with the phrase" with the name of Reverend Valentine "that can bind to these young men with religious Christians."

"Another version says St.Valentine asked about Atharid, god of trade, fluency, treason and theft, and Jupiter, the Roman god of the greatest people. So he answered the gods are man-made and that the real god is Isa Al Masih," explained Sari, "the Most High God of what is said by people who are dzalim."

"Even now circulating the cards this religious festival with a child drawing with two wings to fly around a heart with arrows directed towards actual heart is a symbol of the god of love for the Romans!" So Sari end advice.


ABG currently most affected by the disease Muslim bandwagon and follow suit in the Western or Christian culture under the influence of television and other mass media. Included also in this celebration of Valentine's Day, which is basically relived St.Valentine pastor. The desire to join in. There is within man, but it would be reprehensible in Islam when those who followed us different from the beliefs and thoughts.

Especially if followed in the case of creed, worship, syi'ar and habits. And the Apostle has forbidden to follow the procedures of worship other than Islam: "He who imitate a nation, so he included from the them." (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi). If the intention to celebrate Valentine's think back then no doubt that he was an infidel, as for if he did not mean that he has done a great kemungkaran. Ibn al-Qayyim said, "Giving congratulations on pagan rituals that special person for them, it was agreed that such unlawful acts. For instance congratulated on holidays and their fasting, by saying," Happy holidays! "And similar. For those who say, if they do not come to infidelity, at least it is an unlawful act. That he has been congratulated for their actions who worship the cross. Even the act is greater sin in Allah's wrath and more than congratulated for what to drink alcohol or killed. Many people who do not understand the religion got into the act without being aware of the bad deeds.

Like people who congratulate others for their immoral actions, heresy or infidelity he had prepared himself to get the anger and wrath of God. "Waqid Abu radhiyallah 'anhu narrated: The Messenger of Allaah' alaihi wa sallam when out to the war of Khaibar, he through a tree of idolaters, who called Dzaatu Anwaath, usually they hung their weapons on the tree. The Messenger of Allaah friends' alaihi wa sallam said, "O Allah, make us Dzaatu Anwaath, as they have Dzaatu Anwaath. "So the Messenger of Allah n says," Glory to God, this is pronounced like the Prophet Moses, 'Make us a god as they have gods. " By the Essence of my soul in His hands, so you will follow those customs that existed before you. "(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, he says, hasan saheeh).

Is mandatory for every person who uttered two sentences the testament to implement wala 'and bara' (loyalty to Muslims and innocent of pagan groups) which is a basic belief held by the righteous salaf. Namely loving believers and hated infidels, enemies and their menyelisihi. And know that this attitude where there is an infinite benefit, otherwise resembling the lifestyle of people disbelieve it contains more damage.

Other than that, mengekornya Muslims to their lifestyle will make them happy, after all, resemble the infidels can generate love and heart attachment. Allaah has said, which means: "O ye who believe, do not you take the Jewish people and Christians become the leaders (of all); some of them are leaders to each other. Whoever among you take them into leaders, the real person they belonged to. Verily Allah does not guide the people who do wrong. " (Al-Maidah: 51)

"You will not find a nation who believe in Allah and the Last Day, berkasih mutual affection with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger." (Al-Mujadilah: 22)

"And let not pity for the adulterer is preventing you to (run) the religion of Allah, if ye believe in Allah, and the day akherat." (An-Nur: 2)

Among the adverse effects like they are; participate popularize their rituals so terhapuslah Sunnah. There is no innovation, no matter when it is turned on unless there is a Sunnah of the deceased. Other adverse events, that by following them means extending the number of them, support and follow their religion, but a Muslim prayer in every raka'at read, "Show us the straight path, (ie) the way of the people whom thou hast bestowed favors to them ; not the (path) of their wrath and not (all the way) they are astray. " (Al-Fatiha :6-7)

How could he begged God to show him the way the people in faith and kept away from their class path error and wrath, but instead he wandered off the path voluntarily.

There was a girl says, that he did not follow their beliefs, it's just Valentine's Day is specifically gives the meaning of love and love citanya to people who commemorate. This is an omission, but once again this is a celebration of other religious rituals! Prizes are awarded as an expression of love is a good thing, but when linked with the Christian parties and the Western traditions, will result obsessed by culture and their lifestyle. Party on that day is not something trivial, but rather reflect the adoption of Western values are not normative view of social boundaries between men and women that we see their social structure in ruins.

Alhamdulillah, we have the replacement is much better than it all, so we do not need to imitate and resemble them. Among other things, that in our view, a mother has a great position, we can offer it to him from time to time, as well as for father, brother, husband. Etc., but that we do not specifically at the celebration by the people infidels.

May God always makes our lives filled with love and sincere affection, which became the bridge to enter the area hamparannya Heaven Heaven and earth are reserved for those who fear Allah. May Allah make us one of the classic that people mentioned: "My love is for those who love each other because I, who visited each other because I and a mutual sacrifice because I am." (Al-Hadith).


Question: In these days it has spread and entrenched celebration of Valentine's Day, especially among women students, and he is one of several kinds of Christians holidays. Usually the outfit complete with red shoes, and they exchange red roses. How law celebrate this Valentine's Day, and what are your suggestions and recommendations to the Muslims. May God always keep and protect you.

Answer: Assalamu 'alaikum wr. wb.Merayakan Valentine's Day should not be, because: First: it is an innovated holiday that no legal basis in Islamic law. Second: it can cause liver busy with petty things like this case is very contrary to the instructions of the salaf salih (our predecessor) - may Allah meridhai them. It is not lawful to do the ritual feast, either in the form of eating, drinking, clothing, gift or exchange of another. Every Muslim should feel proud of their religion, not a person who does not have a handle and part of it.

May Allah protect the Muslims from all fitnah (test of life), which was or is hidden and may include us all with the guidance of His

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