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When Hand Written Calligraphy No More

Maybe you're curious after reading the title above. As we know, calligraphy is identical with beautiful handwriting. In fact, by definition, is called calligraphy works presented written form through the flexibility of the hand. "Calligraphy is not handwritten kok?" You may ask. "Then write to wear?"

The answer is the computer.

You've never known kelk 2007 program? With this program, calligraphy can be made very well. Although not selentur hand calligraphy works, kelk program has the ability to create beautiful letters. Unlike written arabic fonts through the Arab-based computers that are still stiff, Kelk programs have flexibility in preparing the letter.

Take a look at the writings of Al-Fatihah letter below. Beautiful is not it?

Kelk program is designed to write calligraphy. Though less so perfect in the writing of calligraphy overlapping types tsuluts, Kelk has the advantage in writing or hot type ta'liq typical ta'liq Iran.

See also the example below:

Islamic calligraphy painting
Islamic calligraphy painting
Islamic calligraphy painting
Islamic calligraphy painting
On the Internet, a lot of illegal software in circulation is the previous version, namely Kelk 2000. Unfortunately this program can only be installed on Windows XP-based Arabic. I've installed on Windows XP, can not write letters for the English-based keyboard. May need to install the Arabic language?

You never used this program?