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Japanese artists with Arabic Calligraphy Specialties

Arabic Calligraphy Specialties-Kouichi Honda
Interest to Kouichi Honda arabic calligraphy began about 30 years ago when he worked in Saudi Arabia as a translator. Now, in addition to its popularity in Japan is increasing, Honda is also known as a calligrapher international arab. Calligraphy works exhibited regularly in Japan and has a rapidly growing student.

Honda's work is often applied in a bright background is not like the classic Japanese calligraphy written on a plain background or a pastel.

Honda studied Arabic in college, until the late 1960s when he took a job in Saudi Arabia as a translator for a Japanese company that makes a map for the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Kingdom of Japan. When he returned to Japan, he continued to practice what he had learned from the calligrapher who accompany the map-making expedition, in charge of writing the names of the sand hills and dry rivers in the map.