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rules and techniques on calligraphy

calligraphyCalligraphy has special rules and techniques in the process. Not only the techniques of writing, but also on color selection, material, medium, until the pen.

Technically, calligraphy is also very dependent on the geometry principles and rules of balance. Rules of this balance is fundamentally supported by the letter alif and a marker point and differentiator for some Arabic letters.

Although the development appears hundreds of calligraphic writing styles, not all of these styles survive until today. There are nine styles of calligraphy are popular writing known to the art lovers of calligraphy;

1. Kufi
2. Tsuluts
3. Naskhi
4. Riq'ah

5. Ijazah (Raihani)
6. Diwani7. Diwani Jali
8. Farisi
9. Moalla