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Devine of Calligraphy

Devine of CalligraphyCalligraphy

One form of the beauty of the Qur'an is the art of writing beautiful or often called Calligraphy. Calligraphy created and developed by the Muslims since the arrival of Islam. Compared to other Islamic art, calligraphy obtain the highest position and is an expression of Islamic spirit that is very typical. Therefore, calligraphy is often referred to as the 'art Islamic art' (the art of Islamic).

Although calligraphy works identical to the Arabic script, calligraphy word itself comes from the Greek (kalios: beautiful and Graphia: writing). Meanwhile, the Arabic mengistilahkannya with khatt (text or line) is aimed at the beautiful writing (al-al-jamilah kitabah or al-khatt al-jamil).

Arabic calligraphy roots are actually Egyptian hieroglyphic writings which later split into khatt Feniqi (Phoenician), Aramaic (Aramaic), and Musnad (a book that includes all kinds of hadith). According to al-Maqrizi, an expert on the history of the 4th century, Arabic calligraphy was first developed by the community Himyar (tribes who inhabited the Arabian Peninsula southwestward around 115-525 BC). Musnad an ancient Arabic calligraphy that developed first of the many types khatt used by the community Himyar. Musnad of the old writings that developed in Yemen, was born khatt Kufi.