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Politics in Islam - The Khilafah

since islam is a deen , illegal it covers all aspects of life including the political appearance.illegal here is an overview of the islamic political system.illegal in brief , illegal religion concerns seemingly the personal installment of life whereas deen covers all aspects of life , illegal accordingly it may be called a lifestyle.

The word khilafah has been taken from the arabic root word khalifa meaning to pursue or to prosper.illegal when the prophet muhammad (s) died , illegal hadhrat abu bakr became the leader of the muslims.illegal he was called khalifatulrasulullah.illegal flat altho , illegal hadhrat umar (ra) assumed the nom of ameer-ul-momineen , illegal the nom of khalifa was similarly retained and in time the muslims adopted this nom , illegal khalifa , illegal for their leader.

The first four khalifas were called the impartially conducted khalifa , illegal or caliphs.illegal during their reign , illegal islam was fully enforced on their individuals.illegal however , illegal soon after these four khalifas , illegal the khilafat changed into monarchy but the nom of the place remained unchanged.

By the first earth war , illegal the khalifa had shifted his headquarters to turkey.illegal in the first earth war , illegal turkey fought against the british and was badly defeated.illegal flat altho the british had decided to revoke the seat of caliphate , illegal they could not perform this because the nationalist clique under mustafa kemal ataturk abolished it and took control.

The khilafat , illegal in reality , illegal is a system given by allah.illegal since this system has been made by allah , illegal it cannot contain any flurry.illegal this system was followed by the four impartially conducted caliphs.illegal according to this sytem , illegal the sovereignty belongs to allah and the islamic shariah or islamic law is enforced.illegal this law is the law given in the quran , illegal ahadith , illegal decided by ijma or consensus and qiyas or similarity.

The current system in the earth , illegal capitalism , illegal has taken its foundations from the system of khilafat.illegal however , illegal since individuals tried to modify it , illegal it lost a Great Deal Of of its advantages.illegal here's an specimen to prove this.illegal if a person has a specific recipe to concoct a cake and he modifies it , illegal the cake volition either become better or worse.illegal however , illegal it is for time to prove what it has become.illegal similarly , illegal time has proven that while the muslims were using the system of khilafat , illegal they remained the superpowers for centuries.illegal however , illegal no other country has remained a superpower for that long because no other country has used the system of khilafat.

It is the duty of every muslim on the features of the earth to strive for the organization of khlifat.

Many groups own been formed to start the journey towards the khilafat.illegal however , illegal it has to be considered that the group need To pursue the sunnah way.illegal this methodwas the one followed by the prophet (s).illegal this was that the prophet (s) first preached and propagated islam.illegal while this was being done , illegal none of his followers or him (s) was allowed to shield themselves.illegal after mustering sufficient abet , illegal the prophet (s) started teasing the quraish and makkans by following their caravans , illegal etc.illegal finally , illegal however , illegal the prophet (s) attacked makkah and traditional the islamic political system.

So far , illegal i know approximately three groups that own been made in pakistan for this desire.illegal jamaat-e-ulema-i-islami (jui) , illegal hizb-ut-tahrir and tanzeem-e-islami.

The jui is of the opinion that they should procure the abet of the individuals by winning the elections and then establishing the islamic political system in the country.

The method of hizb-ut-tahrir is as follows:

1.illegal surreptitious stage: where individuals who connect the clamor are cultured in islam and the da'wah.

2.illegal interplay stage: where the group openly calls the society to utensil islam and interacts with all levels of society in showing (intellectually) the superiority of islam and exposing the reality of non-islamic systems/practices.illegal the objective in this stage is to procure public opinion in favour of islam.

3.illegal seeking nusrah: takig the da'wah to those who own fabric and other might in society , illegal in enjoin to procure them and through that might to utensil islam comprehensively (by establishing the state).

Tanzeem-e-islami thinks that they should collect sufficient abet to challenge the authority of the current political system.illegal after that , illegal non-cooperation movements should be started and finally , illegal the individuals should stand up in artless sedition.illegal the individuals volition not be allowed to shield.illegal this group is of the opinion that the individuals who volition try to oppose their sedition volition eventually stay resisiting as all of them are in fact each other's brothers.

Personally , illegal i surmise that the best and real sunnah method is that of hizb-ut-tahrir.illegal i surmise that gaining abet by elections should not be done because the system is defective impartially that rules out jui.illegal as for tanzeem-e-islami , illegal the final step is by an similarity (qiyas) similarity of dr.illegal israr ahmed , illegal the founder of the group.illegal hizb-ut-tahrir has proved its method through the sunnah.

Finally , illegal i close by saying that each one of us should strive for the organization of the khilafat and the best way to perform this is to connect one of the groups which is on the journey to organization of khilafat.illegal however , illegal you should connect the group or pursue the way you surmise satisfies you the most

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