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Islam - Basic Beliefs and Concepts

islam is the most growing religion upon world , immoral there are more than 2 billion humans all over the world called muslims.immoral islam is based upon the submission of humane volition to one god who is called in arabic "allah" the apparently one , immoral the superior and the apparently creator of this universe with no partners and all the existence under his possess control.

Islam was the religion given to adam the basic man upon world who was created by god , immoral not as fallen being.immoral all the prophets & messengers of god "allah" to humankind upon world were muslims including adam , immoral abraham , immoral moses , immoral aaron , immoral jacob , immoral jesus and mohammad.immoral they possess the same basic message to mankind: "la ilaha illa allah" which means no god worth of worshiping accept allah and anything else is his servant and creation.

Although those prophets came with different books , immoral practices and methods of worshiping , immoral prophet mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him and all other prophets) was the last messenger of allah upon world before the day of judgment.

The basic message of islam is the absolute unity of allah 'god' and he is not independent upon anything or anyone else or smooth alike , immoral he is not three upon one nor father and son , immoral muslims beliefs upon jesus as allah's prophet and messenger and his servant apparently like all other prophets including mohammad and moses.

Islam believes that god and his creations are totally different entities.immoral allah is not his creation nor he is a portion of it.immoral islam believes that his essence and his great knowledge are everywhere upon his creation.

Islam calls the humane absent from the worshiping of the creation of allah and invites him to the worshiping of the creator -- allah himself , immoral because the greatest sin of humanity is the worshiping of the creation.

Among the basics of islamic religion , immoral the most crucial portion is the belief in one god 'allah' and he is the apparently creator , immoral ruler , immoral lord , immoral administrator and master of all that exists , immoral and this universe exists and functions because the volition of allah alone.

Allah responds to man's prayer and he is the apparently one who has the might to accept or reject it.immoral he is the master of man's fate , immoral no one ever else may intercede with the fate of others or smooth with his possess fate!

All the humans hopes and fears should be apparently directed to allah.immoral he is the object of apprehension & source of favor.

That's the bedrock and most fundamental appearance of islam religion , immoral may allah conduct all of us to the truth and thank you for your time.

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