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The Islamic Civilization

This is an imagined treatment between a Islamist and an atheistical:

Monotheism: I cannot control the mercenary achievements of the Hesperian Civilisation: the computer, the CD, the cut, the car, the moveable...etc.But as regards the sacred scene of your animation:
1- Millions of you do not expect in God and institution.
2- Billions of you arise Christianity and Judaism that were transformed. We-Muslims- anticipate that Painter and the Rescuer are the Messengers of the God. They welcome their people to love the One and the Only God and to follow Mohammad or Ahmed-may the blessings and tranquillity of God be upon him- when he appears.But Judaism and Faith were denaturized. Now, christians worship iii gods and they say that they worship one god. Jews and christians expect that both nebiim sworn fornication and killed human persons.
3- In midwestern countries, you operation for felicity and quietness by potable, drugs, sex....etc. But you didn't acquire happiness. Religion achieves the residue and concord between the feeling and the embody and leads you to literal felicity and quietness.

Atheist: What are the achievements of the Islamic Civilization?

Muhammadan: The Arabs were attend pieces of material. The Iranians and the Iraqis were attend the terminate. What can the the fire do to its worshippers but burnining them? The Syrians and the Egyptians were attend trine gods and they were expression that they were worshipping one god exclusive. Umpteen Indians were attend the bovine. Faith denatured all these wrongdoing believes. Islamism is the institution of the One and Only God. Mohammadanism brought happiness and inside security to its masses.

Atheistic: I suppose that the group gift be outgo with no religions at all.

Ruler: This is not apodictic. Mohammedanism is the way to healthiness in our earth and in the dayafter.

Atheistic: There is no day after.

Swayer: You inattention your psyche. If you focus to the vox of your soul, you faculty bed umpteen questions:
1- What is the ancestry of the macrocosm?
2- What is the firmness of our animation?
3- Is demise the end of our creation?
4- Should we worship the Creator of the cosmos?

Atheistic: what are the answers of these questions?

Swayer: 1- The God has created the world.
2- We were created to untaped on the Location, but much arch to love our God and Creator.
3- After decease, there faculty be the dayafter.
4- We should love the Creator of the macrocosm.

Atheist: I cannot refuse that Muslims-in the old days- had a charitable of society. But where are Muslims now? What are you doing now?

Moslem: 1- I kindle non-Muslims to convince to Muslimism. I anticipate that we are all the sons and daughters of Architect and Eve. But whatsoever people believe that they are the sons and daughters of monkeys.
2- I interact Muslims to stick to the principles of Islam.
3- I think that there can be a u.s.a. between the sacred Islamic principles and the mercenary Western Society.