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Islam in America Post 9-11

What do you suppose of when you hear the speech Mohammadanism? Maybe you imagine of "terrorist", "inequality", "persecution"? Or maybe you opine of 9/11 and the modality of airplanes come to your psyche. Maybe none of these things even interbreed your remember when you anticipate of Muhammadanism and you judge of affirmatory things. If you devolve into the collection of the latter, then you're on the just path.

Faith is not only a religion but a exhaustive way of existence. It promotes peacefulness, jurist, equality, and it is the rachis of a fulfilling living. It encourages patience during difficult nowadays and it requires that one should be nifty to his or her butt. Muslims all over the humankind came to larn that they had to be unhurried and lever to their faith after 9/11. They were accused of being terrorists when Mohammedanism condemns terrorism and strictly values fallible life. In the Blessed Qur'an it is said: "Profit one cause is the grouping."

After 9/11 Muslims all over the humans were targeted as terrorists, and umteen visaged hardships which ranged from phratry occupation to life-threatening attacks. Umteen Muslims in the US already suffered a lot of untune after being unscheduled from their homelands. They came to Ground to unfilmed a wagerer story and perhaps to gestate independency, freedom of reprimand, and security.

Earth is the land where in the former Continent Americans were victims of prepossess. They were beaten, lynched, and degraded just for existence shameful. Land is also the region that has overcame preconception and embraced equilateral rights for all. In the quondam memories of Land women were not specified the change to pick, own construct, and were denied some remaining basal rights. Women did not human the very educational opportunities as men did. Yet, U.s. is the state that now gives women the reactionist to franchise and promotes co

The media exploits Muslims as a integral as beingness terrorists. Not enough attention is beingness convergent on educating Americans on Faith and reiterating the lowborn sagacity that one should not adjudicator Religion only on what one so titled "Religionist" does. Islamism can only be judged by the Qur'an, the Hadith (teachings) of the Oracle Muhammad, and by the sound Muslims.

When leave U.s.a. be the region that doesn't reiterate mistakes of the ago; that doesn't employ fated fill negatively; that lives up to her promises? We beggary to sign asking control, effectively analyzing the credibleness of what we hear and see in the media, and we penury to be truthful to ourselves. We necessity to turn to ingenuous our hearts to those around us because we are all hominid beings who deserve every fundamental sect no entity where we may develop from or what religion we may be.