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The concept of haram Mosque in 2020

The concept of haram Mosque in 2020

Town Makkah will continue to tear down the buildings around the Grand Mosque next week for the purpose of expansion and massive development in the Grand Mosque.

Major renovation that began galloping May 2008 on the orders of Abdullah, as the Custodian of the Two Holy Cities (Khadimul Haramain). King Abdullah wants to add 35% capacity of the Grand Mosque.

Mayor of Makkah, Dr. Osama Al-Bar, said that among the buildings to be demolished are the hotels in the Central Region. Some of them have been torn down last year by King Abdullah Extension Project to the Grand Mosque.

Al-Bar said that already some 1,000 buildings demolished. Al Bar also denied that the buildings in the district of Al Azizia also be demolished. According to him, in the region will only be held for the study of the eastern hemisphere.

The increase in area of Al Khansa and expand roads in the region had been in the plan, he said. Numerous roads will be opened in Malawi, including the main road that starts from the Tunnel King Fahd Road and ends at Al Masjid Al Haram before the Office of the Governor of Makkah. (

The project, expected for completion in 2020 it will absorb up to U.S. $ 100 billion (USD 920 trillion). Gelontoran superbanyak funds include the construction of skyscrapers, shopping centers, apartments, and new hotels in Mecca.

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