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Joanne Bailey

Joanne Bailey
 From left to right: Sukina Douglas, Catherine Heseltine, Aqeela Lindsay Wheeler, Catherine Huntley and Joanne Bailey

Young, British-born white. Women. And .... decided to become Muslim. This phenomenon is now being implicated in the UK. The converts were mostly educated young people.

The number of female converts in the UK is increasing. In the Central London Mosque in Regent's Park, the women include two-thirds of all new Muslims and most of them are under the age of 30.

There is no record of the number of converts in England. The latest data is based on the 2001 census who called 30 thousand British citizens convert to Muslim.

According to Kevin Brice, from the Centre for Migration Policy Research at Swansea University, this amount is probably now closer to 50 thousand - and the majority are women. "Basic analysis shows that an increasing number of educated young women is significant," said Brice.

Republika Online lowering serial five young British women who decided to become converts.

LONDON - "The first time I wore the hijab to the office, I was so nervous, I stood outside and asked my friend over the phone, 'What does the world see me covered now," said Joanne Bailey, a lawyer.

Being a Muslim is the best decision, so he confessed. However, for reasons of occupation, he chose to keep his new faith. Until finally arise courage to proclaim his faith by wearing a headscarf.

"To her surprise, friends greet. Some say, 'I really do not know if you're a Muslim," Bailey recounted.

Bailey was not talkative exchange of trust. As an educated woman and grew up in middle-class neighborhood, he felt comfortable among residents South Yorkshire. "I hardly even see a Muslim before I went to university," he said.

so get to work, he felt the emptiness of the soul. "In my first job at a law firm in Barnsley, I remember I was so desperate to play a role as a young woman who was single and career: a diet of obsessive shopping and go to the bar - but I never felt really comfortable," he said.

Then one afternoon in 2004, everything berubah.Obrolan with a Muslim friend, turned into a discussion of confidence. "Do you believe in God?" he asked. He admitted, though at that time he wore a gold cross necklace, she admitted it was just part of fashion alone, nothing more.

The friend nodded, and began story about his religion. He listened. "A few days later, I found myself ordering a copy of the Quran on the Internet," he admitted.

Later, he ventured to come to Islamic events discussion. "It takes time to gather the courage to come to the event Leeds New Muslims. I remember standing outside the door thinking," What am I doing here? "He said.

He imagined, in the room was filled with black-robed woman, looked down - because they are weak that subordinate women within the family and therefore do not pe-de - and from his mouth out prayers. "What did they see 25 year blonde girl was among them?" added.

When he finally came in, all the really unexpected. Those who are in the room was a Muslim, but far from what he described. "They are doctors, teachers, psychiatrists. And the discussion was very brilliant," he said.

After four years, precisely in March 2008, he was unanimously determined to be Muslim. He bersyahadat at a friend's house. "He started to become Muslims, not as heavy as I had imagined. Just like moving jobs and start it," he added.

Some months she hid the identity of her new faith. But then he has the courage to declare. "The first person I tell is the family. My mother was crying, even before I said I had become Muslim," he said.

In the shadow of his mother, a Muslim of his life confined and under "control" her husband. Also, will dwell in the house because Islam does not allow women to work. "I proved in the elderly, what they think about being a Muslim is not true."

According to him, Islam was to glorify women. "Contrary to what most people think, Islam does not push me, I keep my old, except that my mind is more calm, I better understand the meaning of gratitude, and ... a few months ago, I was engaged to a Muslim attorney whom I met in a training course, "he said smiling.

He admitted, her husband is a Muslim candidate who protect and seide to him. "She did not have a problem with my career, but I agree with the Islamic perspective on the roles for men and women. I want to keep my husband and children, but I also want my freedom. I am proud to be British citizens and I am proud to be Muslims - and I do not see the British-Islam as two things that contradict in any way, "She said.