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Interest in Islamic Studies at the German University Rises

Islam plays an increasingly important role in public debate in Germany. In a Frankfurt university, students can learn about religion in a scientific way as part of an undergraduate program in Islamic theology.

Frankfurt Goethe University has introduced a bachelor's degree three years to study Islam, the first lecture in Germany. This program puts Islamic theology on an equal footing with Christian and Jewish theology in German universities. Their purpose is mentioned to provide students with academic and scientific approach to a topic of Islam.

Part of the initiative last year was promoting Islamic studies and the training of priests at German universities. But unlike other programs that the institution involved, Frankfurt university has not received additional federal funds for the program.

And signs of increased attention to Islam in Germany, more than 100 students have signed up for the first half in Frankfurt, Germany alone has a population of four are also Muslim.

But do not expect Islam is taught is as taught in universities in the Middle East or Saudi Arabia. Here, for Muslim students, Muslim theology was regarded as an opportunity to deepen their understanding of their own religion and culture in a rational and scientific.

"Usually, we hear about things in our own native language in mosques and Koran schools. Now we finally learn about all of it at a scientific level and in German," said Urbe tschi, 21-year-student program.

This degree program focuses on taking a scientific view on Islam and provide perspectives from within by using a professor of Islam.

Goethe University of Frankfurt has announced plans to expand the program in subsequent years, offers prospective students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Islam.

This news is quite encouraging among Muslims, that Islam continues to be studied in Europe, but we also do not get too excited, because this study could have been made to distort the true meaning of Islam, such as the plural occurs in universities in Indonesia. Many Islamic universities in Indonesia, but gave birth to liberal cadres who have even more damage to Islamic values. They begin to correct the Koran and study Islam not to seek the truth but to distort the teachings of Islam