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Specialists of Central Asia: Russia Becoming Islamic State in the Year 2050

The experts who concentrate on central Asian region, predicts that Russia will turn into an Islamic state in about 2050 years later. They hope that countries such as Egypt continued to embrace the Commonwealth countries of Russia with a population of Muslims who love and defend the values of Islam and Arab culture. From their country of birth has been well-known scholars in various fields of Islamic sciences, such as Imam Bukhari and Tirmizi, and other scholars, which has provided influence and contribution to the Islamic world.
Islamic russia
Mohammad Salama, a specialist in Central Asia and Russia in the Commonwealth headquarters seminar on Culture Abdul Mun'im Al Showi in Cairo with the theme, "State of Imam Bukhari and the latent wealth in it" says, dozens of academic reviewers in Russia have concluded, based on developments seen from Muslim countries are former Soviet, then later in the year 2050 the Russian state is predicted to be part of an Islamic state.

Developments that significantly happened in Russia, for example in terms of population, the number of Muslims in Russia has now reached 25 million people, ie 20% of the total population. The Orthodox church scholars who are in the country was reportedly worried, seeing the development of Islam that so rapidly, they even refer to Islam as a religion that threatened their religion esksistensi there.

Salama then added, since 20 years ago he continued to observe the development of Islam in Russia, since there are Muslims under the communist government and had a wonderful time restraints, such as the ban took Mushaf Koran, mosques in the lid, until finally now, Russian Muslims have had their rights properly. And Islam was now the second religion in the country.

Salama then talked about his efforts to spread Islam, he founded an Islamic University in Moscow, and what it teaches about the religion of Islam, including to the country's senior politicians, including the Pladimar Putin, Prime Minister of Russia now.

Egyptian Ambassador to Tajikistan; a Muslim country and former Soviet zeal to tell going there Islamic values, including the holding of the celebration of the birthday of Imam Abu Hanifa in the year 2009 and then, the local government then invited the scholars from various OIC member countries led by Sheikh Al-Azhar, they then entertained directly by the President of the Tajik, Ali Rakhmonov.

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