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Islamic Calligraphy Moalla

Islamic calligraphy painting
Islamic calligraphy painting

This is the Islamic Calligraphy Moalla "outside public" I've learned: naski, riqah, tsuluts, Diwani, Diwani jali, diplomas, or the famous Kufi have it. His name moalla. Although his style is not so beautiful, in my opinion, this calligraphy had made me curious because his style is "bold", once hit a letter to each other without regard to space.

See examples below. He is as if the branches of bamboo trees jostling among each other. The color is muted as if only a shadow of a textured background.

Moalla style is a style that "no standard" because it was not included in the guide books calligraphy general circulation, such as the book's most monumental calligraphy Qawaidul Khat al-Arabi, Mohammad Hashim's Al-Baghdadi. Although not so well known, calligraphy is still included in the list of the types of calligraphy in the Arabic wikipedia, classified as part of a growing type of calligraphy in Iran.

From the literature on the internet, this style was introduced by Hamid Ajami, a Tehran-born calligrapher. Through its website, Hamid Ajami includes samples of this type of calligraphy. And apparently, he is the only one who preserve this type.