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Daniel Streich - The Founder ban mosque In Switzerland

 Daniel Streich

Daniel Streich, Swiss politician, whose fame for campaigns against the establishment of mosques in the country, unexpectedly, embraced Islam. Daniel Streich is a famous politician, and he was the first to launch a mosque dome about the ban, and even had the idea to close the mosques in Switzerland. He came from the Swiss People's Party (SVP). Declaration Streich conversion to Islam tantrums Switzerland.

Streich propagating anti-Islamic movement that extends to the whole country. He sowed the seeds of anger and scorn for Muslims in the country, and pave the way for public opinion to the pulpit and the dome of the mosque.

But now Streich has become an adherent of Islam. Without completely expected, anti-Islamic thought that eventually brought so close to this religion. Streich even now have a desire to build the most beautiful mosques in Europe in Switzerland.

The most interesting in this regard is that at this moment there are four mosques in Switzerland and Streich want to make a fifth mosque. He admitted to looking for "forgiveness of his sin" that has poisoned the Islamic. Now is the fact that the ban on mosque domes have obtained legal status.

Aldai Abdul Majid, president of OPI, an NGO, working for the welfare of Muslims, said that the Europeans actually have a great desire to learn about Islam. Some of them wanted to know about the relationship between Islam and terrorism; as well as Streich. Story, it turns out during a confrontation, Streich studying the Koran and began to understand Islam.

Daniel Streich is a key member of the Swiss People's Party (SVP). He has an important position and influence party policy. In addition to his petition on the mosque's dome, he also won the Swiss Army military because of its popularity.source

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