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Islamic Arts Museum - An Insightful Tour Through Islam Via Its Culture and Heritage in Asia

The Islamic Arts MuseumThe Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is the largest in South Asia. It houses some of the most unique Islamic related artefacts from around Asia in a modern spacious environment with unique awareness programs.

The Islamic Arts Museum was opened in December of 1998 and specializes in showcasing art and literature influence by Islam. The museum is divided into five key areas: The galleries in the museum are divided into 12 areas encompassing a wide variety of topics. Some of the popular permanent exhibits revolve around architecture: considered one of the earliest examples of Islamic cultural expression the museum houses a wide variety of intricately replicated scale models of famous Islamic structures and attraction including one of the largest models of the holy Masjid Al Haram. Qur'an. Manuscripts, the written word was held in high regard in the ancient Islamic world where scribes were highly sought, even Islamic science and philosophy though not glorified like Islamic scripts were highly revered for their substance and significant contribution to the world of science.

A little known fact was the Chinese influence on Islamic arts and culture, mainly in the form of calligraphy, which was popular in Islamic culture. Museum houses a variety of ancient cloisonné which have been decorated in painstaking detail and exude an Islamic feel with an oriental touch. Jewellery in the Islam world was very popular and highly coveted, the Islamic Art Museum focuses on Asian variations of Islamic Jewellery that are meaningful and elegant using agates, carnelians and red glass to enrich their designs.

Known for their beauty and their strength Islamic weaponry was both beautifully ordained with precious stones and detailed designs as well as devastative power on the battle field. The museum houses a wide collection of arms and armour from the Persian Gulf and other Islamic states highlighting Islamic cultural influence in warfare.

Islamic education is a vital component of helping to keep Islam and its vibrant history and culture alive. The museum holds a variety of programs and sessions for both the young and old to help improve awareness on this unique and ancient religion and culture.

Guests after a long day of exploring the museum and its wonders may relax and the restaurant amidst its Islamic style and calm fountain and enjoy a wide variety of Middle Eastern delicacies.

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