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Ottoman Empire

Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire

Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire

Ottoman, Fun Vienna, Selim I and Mehmed II

This country was founded by the Children Uthman and 36 people led by the sultan, before he collapsed and split into several small countries. Empire is the center of interaction between Western and
East for six centuries. At the peak of his power, the Ottoman Empire was divided into 29 provinces. With Constantinople (now Istanbul) as its capital, the empire was considered
as the successor of the previous kingdoms, such as the Roman Empire and Byzantium. In the 16th century and the 17th, the Ottoman Empire became one of the strengths
The main world with a strong navy.
Eroded the power of the Ottoman Empire gradually in the 19th century, until finally completely collapsed in the 20th century. After World War I ended, the Ottoman government to accept defeat in the war, suffered a setback in the economic field.

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