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Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

Museum located in the capital of Qatar, Doha and was designed by architect IM Pei.This museum is built on a manmade island area of 45.000 m2 and is located on the edge of the port of Doha, at the southern end of Doha Bay.

The museum is dedicated to research in Islamic art, learning and creativity. that's why in the museum there is space research, libraries and restaurants.The museum is showing a collection of art from the 8th century until -19 th century from the Islamic world and the countries that have been influenced by the trend of Islamic art, such as India and Spain.

The museum also displays metals, ceramics, precious stones and jewelry, wood, textiles, ivory, examples of Islamic calligraphy, ancient books and portraits.The museum has at least 4500 objects, but only about 850 will be on display at one time.Arab envoy in Qatar, said the museum will play an important role in deepening the relationship between East and West.

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