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Istiqlal Mosque: Signs of Gratitude Building

Istiqlal MosqueSome foreign leaders have visited the Istiqlal Mosque, which is known as the largest sanctuary in southeast asia. People from around the world often come to participate in the implementation of Prayer Idul Fitri or Eid al-Adha.

The existence of the grand mosque which is located at Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur, Central Jakarta this, it became the center of attention of the Indonesian people for a long time. Glory and the capacity of the mosque that can accommodate thousands of worshipers make this mosque has its own charm.

The main building that stands above the mosque area of three hectares of land that is one of the hIstiqlal Mosqueistoric buildings built during the reign of President Sukarno.

The idea of beginning the construction of this magnificent mosque when a group of Muslims set up a foundation which aims to build a grand mosque with the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta.

Istiqlal word itself comes from Arabic meaning of independence. "The word is used as Muslims gratitude to God for the gift of independence after the colonial period long enough" said the officer in Istiqlal Mosque Lighting, Siregar, when found in his room.

In 1955, the foundation held a contest to choose the design of this magnificent building. From 27 designs, the committee agreed to select a design with the code name "divine" artificial architects, F Silaban.

F Silaban in those days was a famous architect in Indonesia. Istiqlal addition, other works which still adorn the capital is the BI building design.

Later, the mosque was started was founded in 1961 and completed in 1978. Beginning at the time of President Sukarno and inaugurated its use at the time of President Suharto.

After the construction of the mosque took about 17 years, then stand with the vast mosque in 3 hectares of land covering 9.5 hectares.

The building consists of a mosque buildings, parks, parking lot, the fountains and rivers surrounding the mosque parking lot.

The mosque building consists of the main building, preliminary building, a huge terrace, tower and ground floor.

Consists of the main building of the main floor which is used to pray with a capacity of 16,000 people and on the left side, right side and the back was a five-tiered floor that can accommodate as many as 61,000 people crowd.

This building has 12 large pillars as a symbol of the birth date of the Prophet Muhammad. The pillars are holding a giant dome that has a diameter of 45 meters.

Behind the main building there is a preliminary building that serves as the liaison to the floor above. In addition, too, can serve to 8000 congregational prayers.

In addition to these two buildings, Istiqlal Mosque also has a huge terrace measuring the size of 19,800 square meters which can accommodate about 50,000 worshipers.

"On this terrace can be used for various religious activities, such as Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran and training Manasik Haji" Siregar said, who has worked at Istiqlal mosque since the 80s.

Meanwhile, the tower of a mosque that serves as a place of loudspeakers designed with holes to reduce the pressure and wind. The tower has a height of about 6666 feet.

On top of the spire adzan is made of stainless steel weighing 28 Tons with 30 meters high.

While the ground floor under the main building, building a giant introductory and terrace.

On the ground floor, there are large glass room that was once used for Istiqlal Festival first and second in 1991 and 1995.

In addition, there are dozens of rooms consisting of two halls and several offices. This hall serves as a scientific discussions and meetings.

Until now, the shape of the building has not changed since the mosque was first built.

After 31 years officially used, Istiqlal mosque is located adjacent to the Buffalo National Monument and the field is still the destination of tourists visit both locally and abroad.

"Some foreign leaders who have visited this mosque of them is Prince Charles, former U.S. president Bill Clinton and the president of Libya's Muammar Khadafi" says Siregar told.