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Common Ground For Christians, Jews and Muslims

Islam teaches regard for ancient Biblical prophets and it has many views and practices in common with Judaism and some with Christians...

These include their dietary code. They abstain from pork as taught in the book of Leviticus. They do not smoke--"You shall not commit murder" (of yourself) nor do they drink alcohol--"Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging, and whoever is deceived thereby is not wise," Proverbs 20:1. Islam also regards homo-sexuality as wrong. They believe in the sanctity of marriage, in not lying or stealing, nor murdering innocent people.

They also share the common belief that Abraham was tested by God and asked to sacrifice his son who was spared by a ram that was caught in a bush and sacrificed instead of his son.

Islam celebrates this in the feast of Al-Adha and it has a similarity to a Jewish and Christian practice. Islam teaches that it was Ishmael that Abraham was asked to sacrifice. The Bible says it was Isaac.

Because the Bible has a depth of meaning, perhaps we can find additional insights that would help us to see which is true, for much depends on truth or facts. Islam reveres Daniel as a prophet. His book has a vision for "the time of the end," Daniel 8:17.

The vision is about a ram pushing west, north and south. This angers a goat that flies from the west and subdues this militant ram, breaking both its horns.

Gabriel, an angel from heaven, tells Daniel the two horns on the ram represent the kings of Media and Persia, but since this is about "the time of the end," we would say it's about Iraq and Iran. Daniel 8:20.

Looking back, we can see that this (Muslim) ram got its horns caught in a Bush. One horn (Saddam) is already broken. The imagery suggests sacrificing a Muslim ram spares Isaac's descendents (Israel) in the time of the end.

In the vision, Islam is represented by a ram--a more noble creature than a goat in the Bible. And those who adhere to the non-militant teachings of Islam may be better than Christians or Jews who do not live up to biblical teachings that should unify us.

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