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Samarinda Islamic Center Mosque

Samarinda Islamic Center MosqueSamarinda Islamic Center Mosque is the mosque located in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, which is the grandest and largest mosque in Southeast Asia. In the foreground of the Mahakam river banks, this mosque has a tower and a large dome that stands upright. Occupies the second position is the Mosque of Sultan Salahudin Abdul Aziz of Malaysia.

Located in the village of Karang Asam, Samarinda Ilir, Samarinda East Kalimantan has a main building area 43,500 square meters. Broad support for the building is 7115 square feet and the basement area of 10,235 square meters. While the ground floor of the mosque area of 10,270 square meters and the main floor area of 8185 square meters. While mezanin floor area (balcony) is 5290 square meters.

The building of this mosque has a tower where 7 of the main tower 99 meters high which means Asmaul husna or the names of God that the number 99. The main tower consists of 15 floors of the building each floor level of the average 6 meters. In the meantime, steps from the basement to the main floor of the mosque in number as many as 33 steps. This amount is deliberately equated with a third of the seed beads.
Samarinda Islamic Center Mosque

In addition to the main tower, the building also has 6 towers on the side of the mosque. Each 4 in every corner of the mosque, 70 meters high and 2 towers at the gate as high as 57 meters. Six of the tower is also significant as 6 pillars of faith.

Samarinda Islamic Center Mosque

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