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Muslim's Speed Dating Done With Style

Muslims use the traditional way where the parents are given the responsibility of looking for marriage partners for their children. Muslim's speed dating is a new approach to finding marriage partners the faster way. We have witnessed quick marriages, prompt divorces and it would be a great idea for dating to follow suit. It is even more beneficial if a special speed dating event is organized specifically for people who share the same faith and culture. The Muslims in Wales have decided to allow speed dating as a way to help in searching for Mr. and Miss. right. At least you will not have to kiss many frogs before you get to your king. You are spared the agony of sticking around a person from another faith for five goddamn minutes. You would not even propose to her after all considering her different faith. Nobody wants to go through the pain of dealing with conflicting faith, culture and beliefs.

The Muslim's speed dating concept was borrowed from America. People from the Jewish faith organized successful speed dating events. Actually it is even becoming more popular in London after just a few months to its introduction. Speed dating is a phenomenon introduced to help people to solve the problem of lack of the right soul mates due limited time. This is mostly because of their fast life or busy lifestyles. This means that specification makes it even better. The narrowing down to only one faith and purpose is admirable. The participants are strictly the persons who are focused on marriage.

At least thirty people meet for Muslim's speed dating event. Each person is given a score card to indicate whether they are interested with the person or not. It is supposed to be ticked secretly so the participants should not carelessly place the score card on the table. It is organized in such a way that, the men move around at the sound of the bell while the women remain seated. The dating rules do not change. Women have to be treated well. A session between every two speed dates last for only five minutes. This is enough time to allow any sharp person to get the basics about a potential date.

In the Muslim's speed dating event, no non-halaal food is allowed. Alcohol is not allowed as a drink too. The event is supposed to be carried out strictly according to the Muslim's faith. No non-Muslim is allowed to attend the event. The faithful then interact and focus on getting a partner. They prefer a family marriage rather than a love marriage but this might be slowly changing. Speed dating the Muslim style is really gaining popularity. The tickets to the event are selling so fast it is unbelievable. Marrying more than one wife is not an abomination in the Muslim faith. You can as well fulfill your desire if this is it. If you happen to tick more than one person you have not broken any rule. You can get to follow them up and narrow down to more traditional ways of nurturing a relationship.