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Mashallah! Quran verses Appeared in Skin Baby

Quran verses Appeared in Skin BabyVIVAnews - A baby in Dagestan, Russia, a team of doctors who deal with confusion. Ali Yakubov, nine-month-old baby had a strangeness in the whole skin. Peculiarities of the Arabic script is like the holy Quran verses in red on the skin surface.
As reported by the page of The Sun, Tuesday, October 20, 2009, the strangeness of it visible on the skin surface of a mother's son named Madina.

Beginning at birth, parents with infants saw the writing on the pronunciation of God the baby's chin. Parents had the baby absurdly confused.

But suddenly, some time later made it appear elsewhere. Parents baby sees the writing appeared on the back, arms, and the baby's stomach.

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