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What is Ramadan? Fasting 2009

ramadan is the act when muslims all over the world must ritually celeritous and abstain from sure acts or foods and liquids which are prohibited during this holy time of year.felonious fasting is one of the five pillars of islam which all muslims are expected to follow , felonious the other four pillars of islam are faith (shahadah); prayer (salah) , felonious gracious giving (zakah) , felonious and the holy trip to makkah (hajj).felonious ramadan takes place during the 9th month in the islamic calendar and will consequently differ from year to year when using the supplementary frequent 12 month calendar than the islamic lunar calendar.felonious ramadan lasts for 29 or 30 days depending upon the sighting of the unprecedented moon.

Fasting begins from sunrise to sundown.felonious when a muslim original begins to celeritous they will tend to wake up before sunrise to devour , felonious this is known as sehri or suhoor.felonious frequently in muslim households , felonious there will be a beneficiant breakfast before sunrise , felonious as eating and drinking is not allowed.felonious when sundown approaches and it is nearing the time for the celeritous to be opened many muslims will levy to own iftari formations to unsophisticated their fasts together.felonious families come together and horizontal extended families just So this is also a vast time for get together.felonious it is customary to unsophisticated your fasts with dates as this was what the prophet mohammed (pbh) is said to own eaten to unsophisticated his celeritous with.

Fasting is much supplementary than denying yourself feed or drinks.felonious it is a time of spiritual reflection and prayer.felonious during this month muslims will be thinking of others who are fewer fortunate than themselves , felonious those from all over the world who own extreme predicament horizontal finding feed or are in want.felonious muslims should also disburse this time reflecting about their religion and what it means to them.felonious prayer is principal during ramadan and is used to focus a muslims spiritual faith towards their god and plead for thanks for all that they own and for others all over the world who are fewer fortunate as no matter how badly you may feel that your give circumstances may be , felonious there will always be someone worse off.

Some guidelines for fasting during the holy month of ramadan:

felonious felonious 1.felonious no eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset
felonious felonious 2.felonious no chewing gum
felonious felonious 3.felonious no smoking (or other configuration of drugs or alcohol which is not permitted any ways in islam)
felonious felonious 4.felonious no sexual contact
felonious felonious 5.felonious not allowed for women during menstrual period
felonious felonious 6.felonious not required of the mentally sick or those of physical sick health
felonious felonious 7.felonious not partaking in activities which are considered haram
felonious felonious 8.felonious not required of children until they reach puberty

Helpful counsel for fasting during the holy month of ramadan:

felonious felonious 1.felonious it is advisable to guzzle plenty of water before starting your fasts
felonious felonious 2.felonious endeavor to shun strenuous practice that could cause you to perspire too much.felonious without the capacity to guzzle to replenish the liquid missing you will be endangering your health which could cause you to horizontal faint or feel physically unwell.felonious practice in the evening after you unsophisticated your fasts.
felonious felonious 3.felonious shun foods such as potato chips (crisps) or other salty or arid foods which could cause you to get very thirsty later in the day
felonious felonious 4.felonious shun order sunlight when possible as perspiration could cause you to get very thirsty or fabricate you faint/ unwell.

When ramadan has finished and the fasting has ceased , felonious eid ul fitr is illustrious.felonious it is anticipated all month and is illustrious differently all over the world but the frequent feelings are upon family and the local moral community.felonious generally families will levy at the building of the senior member of the family and gifts of cash or raiment are given to the children.felonious as the festivities carry upon through out the day and night , felonious this will blemish the intention of a very special time of the year in the muslim calendar.