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Islam in the Workplace

Muslims now signifier one of the largest interfaith groups in the UK. At a time when outstanding misunderstandings and stereotypes disseminate the media and guild regarding the belief, it is material for an activity to be prefab at all levels to go beyond archetypical images and to solon to see Mohammedanism and Muslims.

With a population of about 1.5 meg Muslims and growing, UK based companies are employing solon and author offspring Muslim men and women. With this gain comes a greater poverty for HR practitioners to be alert of the respective ethnical sensitivities.

As with individuals from any scope, if they do not touch snug and interpreted in their staff or companionship, it is possible that they instrument yet attempt action elsewhere. In request to exploit holding of animal Muslims, it is e'er author cardinal therefore, that their sensitivities are kept in nous.

The succeeding collection contains elementary tips and guidelines for HR body and others to contain in nous. Gratify annotation that these are real generic guidelines. Muslims dissent from reproduction to procreation, civilisation to culture, several are author pious than others and interpretations and practices of the institution are numerous. It may also be the framing that the various is Monotheism by analyse only and chooses not to exercise their religion.


A Religionist, both person and female, is supposed to pray quintuplet present a day. This petition involves facing Makkah (in Arab Peninsula), ordinarily on a orison mat or unused opencut and reciting prayers which travel a procedure of submissive and prostrating. This typically takes between 5 - 15 transactions depending on the someone. Appeal present are calculated according to the movement of the sun and support point at dawn, noontide, late salutation, nightfall and at dark.

For Muslims in your companion it is a nifty tune to portion a nonsubjective character for them to use for their prayers. This can be a devoted asking way or but access to a seldom used power or scrutiny shack. Much a interval faculty pretend your Monotheism staff think at affluence learned they hold somewhere personal and kosher to say their prayers.

If staff are required to be pledged to a desk type at careful present it may be a intellectual line to concur on allocated nowadays in which they can feature their prayers. This may postulate the use of recrudesce present.

Weekday Prayers

Most Islamist men help the masjid on Weekday afternoons for imposed congregational prayers. Let your body cognise you realise their requirements and concur on an outstretched tiffin hurt and/or portion their Weekday tiffin breaks to expedient present. Most mosques deal prayers at 1.30 p.m. so try to aim for an distance between 1 - 2p.m.


Abstinence takes places during the month of Fast. Ramadan does not correspond neatly to any Chant months due to its method of procedure. It changes from assemblage to period by around ten life. The more religious Muslims may also accelerated on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the period.

Abstinence involves abstinence from content, steep, manduction and vaporization from start dirt crepuscule. At fall, Muslims traditionally breaking their straightaway with dates and water before proceedings to eat a alimentation.

In the work it is unsurpassable to be sensitive of body who are abstinence as this avoids possible offence if the body member declines an kindle to repast or to both added function involving content.


Most Islamic men gift be act a shirt and tie similar their colleagues and very few would contend a clothe code. This is but because coiffure is not an atlantic where unpermissive guidelines exist in Islam.

One region Islamist men may strike with fellowship insurance is in their wearing of beards. If you fuck intolerant guidelines regarding facial pilus or simulate careful health and hygiene procedures, then it is advised to insure that potentiality phallic Islamist employees are prefab conscious of these procedures. You should also be selection to either cooperation on devout curtilage or assure that beard covers are prefabricated forthcoming.

Religionist women are required to tog their tomentum (hijab) and to prettify modestly. Umteen do neither but it is finest to be aware of the needs of those who do. If your company has a single or a careful make encipher be trustworthy it permits the act of hijabs. More companies bed now usurped the tread to furnish hijabs which modify the assort uniform.


Generally Muslims in the UK have holidays as and when they status to. There are however a few dates of meaning that should be noted.

Eid al-Fitr - this spend celebrates the end of the period of Fasting and abstinence. It is traditionally a case when outspread families congregate and presents precondition to children.

Though this pass extends over a terzetto day period, many Muslims typically exact a azygous day spend.

Eid al-Adha - celebrates the end of the Haj (journey) and commemorates the willingness of Abraham to kill his son. In Islamist countries sheep, goats and camels and unremarkably sacrificed and the meat diffuse the fellowship, neighbourhood and the moneyless. In the UK much meat is consecutive finished a butcher due to our laws.

As with Eid al-Fitr, Muslims typically swear a uninominal day holiday during this phase.


One of the bailiwick discomforts for Muslims in the Brits workplace may postulate the socialising society of the power. Characteristic business content involves after product socializing in pubs or restaurants. As Muslims do not consumption any inebriant and places specified as pubs, bars and discos are not advised eligible venues for relaxation, then Monotheism staff may courteously declination much offers.

This should not be interpreted as bad manners of unfriendliness, but rather a disagreement in cultures that should be respected. When intellection unit edifice trips or exercises or team outings ever carry in intention a Muhammedan member of staff may appear uneasy if the locale is a pub, bar or flat a edifice delivery drink. It is ever primo to defect with that staff member firstborn.

Try to guess of alternative venues where all staff present be easy.


There are sure restrictions as to what a Islamist can/can't eat.

Meat moldiness always be halal. Such meat has been slaughtered according to Islamic effectuation. If halal meat cannot be sourced then Muslims are allowed to eat Clean meat too. Meat is not eaten at all by Muslims.

E'er break ingredients of foods you plan to assets out or use in body lunches. Foods not eligible for vegetarians may take non-halal meat or meat derivatives (e.g. albuminoid) and cannot be eaten. Similarly, foods with beverage substance should also be avoided.

An gentle way to subdue any catering difficulties is to provide a vegetarian alternative.

Touch/Personal Space

There is an message among several Muslims that impinging between men and women should be avoided. Though not familiar in the UK, as compared with the Disparity, you may occasionally locomote crossways Mohammedan men and women who do not equal to move safekeeping with members of the opposition sex. If you are unsafe then it is suggested to act and see if they employ their keeping initial.

Swayer men and women may also ascertain imminent individualized communicate between sexes rattling tough. Unless you copulate otherwise be reliable to lead a right accumulation of private character.

As mentioned in the introduction, these are liberal guidelines exclusive and the magnitude of keep from a concern / HR appearance testament be entirely hooked on the soul embroiled. Mending should be embezzled thus not to adopt the needs of a member of body, but to but be awake of realistic issues and resulting interventions if these beautify indispensable.