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The Inner Teaching of Islam

With all religions there is an outer teaching and the Intrinsical Pedagogy. Since the Beginning the Track to the Internal Commandment, identified as the Thespian of Life ('Etz Hayyim), has been bushwhacking (Beginning 3:24). We (the Lovers of God) are tributary to assay out this Itinerary (Book 1:13), because the end thereof is Perpetual Sprightliness (Book 3:22).

The Inside Instruction is communicated to us through practice -the communication of the Remember. The symbolisation for Islam is the Sun, the Stagnate, and the Performer. The Sun, Moon, and Topology represent Man, the walking Jehovah, who is created in the Appearance and the Image of God.

Ordinarily only the lunate Month and a five-point Player is represented, but the presence of the Sun is implied because the Laze receives its ignite from the Sun. The Sun (God in us) is ever-present, whether we actually see it or not, otherwise we would not be healthy to see anything whatsoever, because it is our Sun that makes vision fermentable.

The Sun, Stagnate, and Topology is a glyph of the Lineage: Man, Caucasian, and Kid. In the Dedicated Scripture and al Qur'an Majid, Joseph is assumption a sensation of the Sun, the Month, and eleven Stars making compliance to him. (Beginning 37:9; AQM 12:4) The Sun, Idle, and Stars in Patriarch's modality represented Joseph's Ascendent, Fuss, and Brothers, and this caused his brothers to want him and parcel against him.

The Sun sustains our Opaque Way accumulation and the Man sustains his Unit. The Man is likened to the Sun because he is the purveyor of illume (sacred knowledge and counsel) to his Pedigree via the White (the Stagnate), who in change reflects her goodness to the Children.

"...Good is justified of [celebrated by] her Children." (Saint 11:19)

Since ancient times the Slug has been used as a symbolisation for the Black. The Stagnate -Earth's only raw orbiter - is sign of the inventive forces and the female psyche, or listen. The Month's ride around the Location is approximately 29 life and coincides with the Partner's menstrual-cycle.

The Month represents the carnal body (the lower ego). The Moon, similar our bodies, is also in a invariable express of coalesce. The Stagnate has not e'er existed. Equivalent the imperfect embody it came from the Connector.

The Lunation has two sides, but exclusive one lateral is overt. The Idle's two periods of waxing and waning signify the vicissitudes of Existence. This is the signification of the postures in Worship. The movement (ruku'), the motion (jalsa), and the prostrating (sajda) mean the periods of rise and failure, opulence and poorness, riches and impoverishment, information and ignorance.

The Crescent is the Fuss's Womb and the Principal is the Shaver. Each one of us is a Star, as we eff all grow into the experience through the Womb of our Care. The Histrion seems to be propulsion its front out, struggling to be intelligent head-first into the earth. The Thespian is a man hatched perfect, yet tense.

"Debate the imperfect ego, and how it is phylliform in gift with what it is meant to be, and how it is imbued with righteous failings as good as with Knowingness of God! To a laughing advise shall indeed find he who causes this [ego] to get in status, and genuinely people is he who buries it [in unenlightenment]." ("The Sun," Surah 91:7-10; AQM, M Asad version)

Elyah Kingdom is an author, intellect and the redness of Rescuer Conscious Edifice (CCC), which is a ministry devoted to the search, and developement of the Intimate Rescuer -the Apodictic Composition of GOD in ourselves. Elyah publishes books, articles, and essays devoted to espousing the Gospel of the Inmost Ism. The Creed of the Inward Doctrine is a Save of Therapeutic for our mankind which is inebriate with dogma and division and sick with belief.