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mosques in China

Pictures of mosques in China. It turned out that under communist China, many religious people. One of them Muslims:

Muslims CHINAMuslims CHINA

Mosque for women in HENNANMosque for women in HENNAN

Great Mosque of XIANGreat Mosque of XIAN

Mosque in XiningMosque in Xining

Mosque in NIUJE
Mosque in NIUJE

Recorded more than one thousand three hundred years, Muslims from various communities of China has built a large and small mosques. Statistics show the number of mosques in China until now as many as thirty thousand (30 000) mosque. Some of the glorious history shows, some shows grandeur architects.

The population of China is the largest in the world, when Islamic influence in the country this bamboo curtain with the permission of Allah, then China will be a force that is calculated to Islamannya in the world.

Although currently most of the Muslims 'obedience' is old generation, we are praying it may soon find the younger generation back to the religion of Islam

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